Standing in the balcony overlooking the stage, for several hours, I swayed to the music and wept through the teaching, as woman after woman took the microphone and offered hard earned wisdom for our hearts. By lunchtime, I felt full of the rich goodness that had been held out from the arena floor and yet simultaneously hungered for more. Sometimes you don’t know how hungry you are until you begin to be filled.

I had been walking around empty without realizing it. Women Of Faith set a gracious table for me and laid out the most wholesome feast. I came away from that event and would go on to lead a women’s group at my own church for several years.

 I hadn’t gone expecting to come away with a fresh vision for my own small community of women. I went solely because I needed an encouraging word. But God multiplies His words and work, and coming away from that weekend I knew that I wasn’t alone in my hunger. 

Those mornings saved me during the early years of mothering four small children six and under. Those two hours spent in the company of my sisters who GOT me and knew the weight of our mutual task of parenting, filled my soul and gave me the bolstering that I needed to go home and face the rest of the day, or week. We feasted on fellowship nourished by God’s word.

It was the community that filled my heart. It was the feeling of being known and loved–just as I was, that really transformed my faith and my life. The desire to lead, the inspiration to gather women together planted and watered during one weekend at a single, life-changing event. 

Be Fed


Created for community, we have to make it a priority to feed ourselves–to come to the table to be fed by others who have stories we need to hear. We need the wisdom of women who have gone before us, the insight and hindsight offered from those whose lives perhaps are very different from our own. It’s the diversity that make the body of Christ so beautiful–it’s the grace we extend when we share from our hard lessons learned along the way. 

This spring/summer Women Of Faith is taking their farewell LOVED 2015 tour all over the country to celebrate twenty years of ministry. Speakers include, Patsy Clairmont, Luci Swindoll, Shauna Niequist (select cities), Korie Robertson, Jen Hatmaker and many more. 

I love what these women are about. And so when the beautiful hands and hearts behind Women Of Faith asked me they could offer you a discount opportunity to attend an even near you, I happily agreed. 

GraceTable readers can get $20 off their standard or premium ticket price for any Women Of Faith Even on the LOVED 2015 tour.  Simply use the code, KH20 at checkout for your discount. 

You are seen. You are known. You are free. Connect with a community of women that gets what you’re going through . . . and with the God who loves you more than you know. ~Women Of Faith


Women Of Faith – Loved – The Farewell Tour 2015 from Women of Faith on Vimeo.

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    Meredith Bernard

    “Sometimes you don’t know how hungry you are until you begin to be filled.” How I have been living this in recent days past and how true it is. <3 Love this and love the coupon code for WOF…may just have to gather a few friends and head the nearest one this year. 🙂

    April 23rd, 2015 23:18
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