Why I Cook

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Why I Cook- A Poem

Teary eyes call on faraway lands, a gleaming hint. Stop. Squint. Dreams. Calls floating words down, into print. On the paper. Gives way to wooden poles, beams. And look what my words created, a home. A tent.

I am a moving tent. A moving home. Carrying stories. Heartbreaks. Love. Mistakes.

Look at what I carry.

But I don’t always see my stories. My cross. I see eyes. Bangs. Breasts. Aging skin. My flesh teeming with sin.

His thoughts days away. One day I’ll look back and say, “Oh. You were right every step of the way.”

Little joys bend numbing days. Routine hours. They call back escaping rays.

Now I’m cooking. I carry my spoon.

Dip and mix and pour in oil, spices, those escaping rays.

The kitchen sounds get louder with the fading day.

I clang pots and grasp at ethereal thoughts.

Processing. Mixing. Cooking. Fixing every part of the day I let get away.

My idleness bothering me. My idols grasping to wedge in-between the Savior and me.

The day ending. Tiring. Reaching for its sabbath. The sun posting its for sale sign, and the moon tarries near, the new hire.

I walk to that wooden communal table. Look at what I carry.

As the sun clocks out, retreating to heal, I serve my day’s story, in the form of a meal.

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Bri McKoy is a writer and an accidental lover of cooking. Marriage brought with it bliss. And a budget. So she began to step into the kitchen every evening and quickly discovered this is her art. She found that her food was a glue that allowed space for stories and rich community. Therefore she created and owns OurSavoryLife.com where she shares her recipes and the stories that come from her kitchen. She is also the leader of Compassion Bloggers and is passionate about giving bloggers an opportunity to use their platform to advocate for children in poverty.
  • Traci@tracesoffaith

    A beautiful piece. It employed all of my senses.

    January 27th, 2016 9:35
  • Sandra Heska King

    “I serve my day’s story, in the form of a meal.”

    The more you serve, the hungrier (and thirstier–is that a word?) I get. This is a good thing.

    January 28th, 2016 7:02
  • Jody Collins
    Jody Collins

    “I am a moving tent.” what a powerful metaphor, Bri! This was truly poetry in motion.

    January 28th, 2016 20:07

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