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Lost Your Way? Three Verses to Help You Get Back on Track

Many years ago, I joined a group to help me lose weight. I signed up, got the materials, stayed for the meeting, had the program explained to me and went home. The next morning, I started following the “diet.” Six months later I had reached my “goal weight.” I had succeeded. Today, more than 30 years later, most of that weight is still off. The number on the scale is...

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On Learning to Trust When Vision isn’t Clear

It’s easy to praise when the fruit is visible, when new buds break through hard soil, and affirmation from others comes in like a rushing wave. It’s easy to praise His name when life is steady, our calling is clear, and the direction of where to go is marked. But what happens when it all feels wonky? When our dreams feel foolish and we begin doubting the very place we...

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