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Finding Home and Love in Spaghetti Bolognese

There are stories we tell over and over because we never want to forget. This is one of them.  Eight years ago I wandered around the streets of Geneva, Switzerland in February. My coat was good for an Australian winter, but I froze in the northern hemisphere's chilly days. I was only there for two weeks as part of a year when I traveled around the world. I started in...

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Hospitality Is Heart Space: Take It on the Road

I always thought of hospitality as gathering around our cozy table for a meal and bright friendship or opening our home wide and breezy for all of the coming and going through the sweet bang of a screen door. But I’ve been thinking for awhile now about what hospitality looks like beyond the walls of my home. What happens when we take it on the road? If hospitality is about...

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Re-defining Home

Nine years ago my husband and I owned a new home in a suburban community. We had two cars that dependably carted us up and down the highway during our daily fifty-five minute commute. Our two children, a boy and a girl, were healthy and happy. We hosted Sunday dinners with grandparents, organized birthday brunches, and called for impromptu s’mores in the backyard with neighbors. Our doors were always open...

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