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An Invitation to Pancakes and Peace

The moon sat veiled behind clouds as we arrived at the RV park just before midnight. My husband pulled into our allotment, and with the aid of a headlamp, hooked up the RV to water and electric. The kids and I, woozy and tired from the dark, winding journey through the mountains of southern Utah, stayed inside the camper and fell into a fitful sleep, unaware of the stunning scenery...

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Eating Simply, Eating Well

A friend and I were talking about all of the books and blogs and articles we had recently encountered whose subject was that elusive thing called simplicity. Food, we decided, must be one of the cornerstones of the so-called simple life. “But, why?” my friend burst out. “Why does it always sound so complicated?” *** Like me, you’ve probably seen the documentaries. You’ve read the books. You know that farmers...

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