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Fear, Anxiety, And The Uncomfortable Places

We passed rows of rundown stores and shops as we drove down the well-worn highway.  We made our way into a neighborhood, ripe with older, unmatched homes. They were a far cry from the cookie-cutter homes with identical manicured lawns that I’d often seen in the more bustling parts of town. Still, I loved how each house had its own charm. We finally turned onto a steep, short driveway and...

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We Are the World

In the preschool classic, "Are You My Mother?" a baby bird hatches when his mother is away, and the poor little fella begins a journey to find her. He asks everyone - and everything - he meets, "Are you my mother?" Imprinting is instinctual; at the very core of who he is, Baby Bird is driven to find a bond, an attachment, love…and it's natural that he'd do so with his mother, the one he's physically...

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