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The Bountiful Feast

“Is anyone joining us tonight?” she asks as she counts the plates for dinner. The fact that she doesn’t know this answer points to the varying numbers that gather around our little faux wood dining set. “Just us tonight,” I say, and flip another tortilla in the cast iron pan. There’s a stack of 15 tortillas on the plate and I’ve rolled out the last one. We won’t eat 16...

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We Are the World

In the preschool classic, "Are You My Mother?" a baby bird hatches when his mother is away, and the poor little fella begins a journey to find her. He asks everyone - and everything - he meets, "Are you my mother?" Imprinting is instinctual; at the very core of who he is, Baby Bird is driven to find a bond, an attachment, love…and it's natural that he'd do so with his mother, the one he's physically...

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