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Finding Joy Amidst the Grief

"What's the worst thing that could happen?," my counselor asked me?  "I get cancer," I replied. "And what's the worst the worst thing about getting cancer?" she continued. I paused, "It would be painful," I replied. *** Pain is something I actively avoid. As a child I decided I would do a flip on the monkey bars, which are probably outlawed by now (thank you 80s school playgrounds). Upon spinning...

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Grief Is Best Served with a Casserole

It had been a long nine months. In and out of the hospital the whole time. Sometimes spending only a few hours, others spending more than a week. From the day she learned she was pregnant, she knew it was different. She would say to her husband, “Something isn't right.” She never used the word wrong. That would be too much. Too strong. Too harsh. "Wrong" might make things worse. “Not right” would leave...

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