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Can You Come to Him, Even When It Rains?

We've been fogged in lately. Drizzly days that leave the earth spongy, small pools collecting on the sidewalks and the constant drip, drip, drip of rain splattering the windows. I love to watch the clouds roll through the city from my small terrace perch, to spot the hues of gray swirling and dancing with the far off blue. Rainy days seem to bring the paradox of beauty and pain to...

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Count Mercy

After a quick trip to Target for a handful of items, Thad met us at the door just like he always does and I caught the whiff of something I recognized as familiar but not exactly home. I searched his face from the edge of the front porch, trying to read what I already knew. We had a guest. With bags in tow, the girls and I crossed the threshold...

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