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Where to Find the Bread: on generous hospitality

Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found the bread. ~D.T. Niles "I think that’s my friend’s husband over there." My own husband takes a drink of his sweet tea and follows the line of my vision ending on a black-haired gentleman having lunch a few tables over from ours. We both watch this young man for a moment waiting for me to be certain. "You sure do have...

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Loving Your Spouse Jesus’ Way

It was two weeks after the unofficial start of summer, and I couldn’t believe my family was dealing with sickness again. The sickness had already hit my 3-year-old the previous week—but like most things—it couldn’t keep her down for long. We spent the weekend inside and I relaxed as much as my girl and her 5-month-old brother would allow. So I managed to stave it off, for the most part. My...

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The Hospitality of Marriage: Loving Like It’s New

When I hang his shirts next to mine in the closet, there are surf brands, the same ones he wore when he had hair bleached white by the sun and waves. When his skin was tan and his mouth tasted like wintergreeen gum and saltwater. When I spread my beach towel with my arms wide and the tradewinds swooped down and lifted the corners from my fingertips like a magic...

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