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On Pride, Gluttony and Macaroni au Gratin

I am dating myself. Sounds totally weird, huh? I am dating myself because I have just recently walked straight out of the longest, most grueling wilderness of my life and I am not dead. I am, surprisingly, alive and thriving. I am telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so enable me Jesus. I have a keen awareness of just how narrow the narrow road really is. I’m...

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The Bountiful Feast

“Is anyone joining us tonight?” she asks as she counts the plates for dinner. The fact that she doesn’t know this answer points to the varying numbers that gather around our little faux wood dining set. “Just us tonight,” I say, and flip another tortilla in the cast iron pan. There’s a stack of 15 tortillas on the plate and I’ve rolled out the last one. We won’t eat 16...

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