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Making Peace With the Girl You Don’t Like

The year I turned five was the year I learned how to ride a bicycle all on my own. It was also the same time I learned how to hide parts of myself to be the girl people liked. I got pretty good at both of these things as the years wore on. A dirt-kneed and free-spirited child, my hair was forever a wild pile of unkempt hay. While I...

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Someone On Your Side

It was a winter of my soul, that season. The kind where you look like yourself on the outside, but your inside is hollow. Obsidian. Though I had never understood depression – I typically sidled obnoxious with a perpetual silver linings perspective – I was sad, marrow deep. Tormented, really, by circumstances beyond my control. Not a life and death thing or infidelity or financial ruin; and, thankfully, it had...

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To Love By Name

Some memories stay put like a heavy duty thumbtack. Maybe we don’t realize it then, but they become catalysts in our lives. I still remember standing in my boss’s cubicle nearly two decades ago. I was in corporate sales and reading in whatever spare moments of downtime I could grab. When my manager suggested I read this specific book, it caught me off guard and caused a heavy dose of...

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