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Finding Joy Amidst the Grief

"What's the worst thing that could happen?," my counselor asked me?  "I get cancer," I replied. "And what's the worst the worst thing about getting cancer?" she continued. I paused, "It would be painful," I replied. *** Pain is something I actively avoid. As a child I decided I would do a flip on the monkey bars, which are probably outlawed by now (thank you 80s school playgrounds). Upon spinning...

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Plants Grow in the Dark

I do not know why Some plants grow In the sun, and some In the shadows, But I do know They still grow. - Morgan Harper Nichols - A long, rectangular patch of dirt runs along the side of the house we share with my in-laws. It’s a garden, but no one would call it that at the moment. Pine needles lay like a blanket on top of the soil,...

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