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Come, Taste and See

A drizzly Tuesday afternoon in late summer found me at the grocery store, picking up a dozen items that we’d somehow managed to miss on our weekly shopping trip over the weekend. I am not enamored with shopping of any kind, and grocery shopping, after doing it weekly (or more) for lo these many years, is not my preferred way to spend part of an afternoon, even a drizzly one....

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On Restlessness, Discontent, and Finding Eden

In the beginning there was the garden. I imagine fig trees, berry bushes, and hummingbirds. Water flows between glistening rocks painted different shades of blue and grey. The water is clean and safe to drink straight from the river out of the palm of my hand. The smell of honeysuckles and crisp mountain air feels minty in my mouth. My bare feet press against soft grass, and a butterfly lands...

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