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On Differences, Debates, and the One Thing to Embrace

We pass like strangers in the night. Our feet dance up and down stairs and across narrow halls, hurrying to get littles fed and tucked into their beds. We move methodically—quick, quick… slow—until the day’s loud chaos calms to a hush. Then we make our way back downstairs, where the remnants of the day’s craziness silently greet us. Physically exhausted, my husband and I sit in the midst of it,...

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The Ministering Power Of Presence

It was the height of the lunchtime rush. I side-stepped slowly as I guided my daughter over the patches of ice lining the drive-thru lane. After slipping a couple times, a kind woman held on to my daughter as I regained my footing and made it to the door. With cool air beating our cheeks, we rushed inside. I shimmied past the row of cashiers and the customers waiting in...

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