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When Not Hosting Is the Most Generous Thing

My husband is a master in the kitchen. He loves the organized chaos that comes with timing dishes just right and swirling up a delicious feast by sheer determination to make the clock and the ingredients and the appliances work together. He likes the thrill of it, to be sure, but he also enjoys serving others. He has this natural ability to whip up a delicious meal and serve all...

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Community across Divides

I sat down at the long table with my paper plate in hand. I glanced around the unadorned room and did a quick head count of the college students I’d brought with me across the U.S.-Mexico border earlier that morning. I was program assistant for a course on immigration, and we’d come south for the day to learn from Mexican organizations engaging the issue and to walk along the border...

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Finding Your Place At God’s Table When You’re Grieving

It was nearly five months ago that I saw a group of EMTs wheel my grandmother into the back of an ambulance. She hadn't been able to eat much and her body had become weak and frail. She often complained of stomach pains and said nothing tasted like it used to. We seemed so far from the days when I used to watch her standing in front of her seventies...

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