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Reconciliation through my Son

Tears stream down his face as he reaches his arms out to me. Mommyyyy! Huuuggg! Huuuggg! My jaw, my arms, my heart are clenched. Anger pulsates through my body, and I refuse to oblige. He’s two years old, and I should know better, but in the moment I want him to bear the consequences of his disobedience. I want him to know things can’t be fixed so quickly when the...

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Making Peace With the Girl You Don’t Like

The year I turned five was the year I learned how to ride a bicycle all on my own. It was also the same time I learned how to hide parts of myself to be the girl people liked. I got pretty good at both of these things as the years wore on. A dirt-kneed and free-spirited child, my hair was forever a wild pile of unkempt hay. While I...

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Around Our Small Table

The last two weeks of 2016 were full of family, snuggles, long days in pajamas and so many treats. So many treats.   I love the hibernation mode that we fall into as a family during the holidays. We play more. We stay up later. We sleep in later (thank you, Jesus).  We linger longer over dinner.  One night -- I'm not sure which, because don't they all blend together...

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