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Grief Is Best Served with a Casserole

It had been a long nine months. In and out of the hospital the whole time. Sometimes spending only a few hours, others spending more than a week. From the day she learned she was pregnant, she knew it was different. She would say to her husband, “Something isn't right.” She never used the word wrong. That would be too much. Too strong. Too harsh. "Wrong" might make things worse. “Not right” would leave...

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How to Be a Safe Place for Single People

I was going to write an essay for June about singleness. In my head its title was “What I would tell my single self,” a list of advice and anecdotes, thoughts on friendship, living a good life, staying present and doing the next thing. I asked a question on my Facebook page in preparation for writing this essay: “Single friends, what’s the most annoying/offensive thing married [people] say to you?” ...

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Community across Divides

I sat down at the long table with my paper plate in hand. I glanced around the unadorned room and did a quick head count of the college students I’d brought with me across the U.S.-Mexico border earlier that morning. I was program assistant for a course on immigration, and we’d come south for the day to learn from Mexican organizations engaging the issue and to walk along the border...

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