We are born hungry. Hunger is the language of our infancy. Even adolescence can be summed up as a period of growing restlessness. But it takes years, a lifetime perhaps, to understand what we truly hunger for. To know the precise dimensions of that which will satisfy us. (Christie Purifoy, Roots & Sky)


In the recent days, for a number of reasons, I’ve been thinking about hunger–holy hunger and how often I confuse this with the temporal, how often I try to satisfy the aching void with tissue-thin dreams, or food, human companionship, and even with noise–the ceaseless chatter of the internet.

I’ve wandered down memory lane, re-shaping the past with my imagination, altering the endings to stories that didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. I’ve tossed old dreams aside while grabbing on to new ones. In weaker moments of misplaced hunger, I’ve swept up the dust of those dreams that had shattered, as if my desire were enough to somehow resurrect what God has laid to rest. 

In Roots and Sky, Christie writes, “We are born into exile and must learn to recognize what we are missing.” And I think, yes, this is how I feel in this winter season of dormant dreams. I feel both the sting of loss and the anticipation of hope beginning to bud. What will sustain me? What will satisfy? 

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Christie and her husband dreamed of their home before they stumbled into it. And it has been both everything they hoped for, and more than they imagined. They bought a magnificent house, and discovered it’s Christ who makes our home. Perhaps this strikes me most poignantly these days, as we attempt to find our own dream of a home. We have our lists and spreadsheets of criteria, but there’s always room between the spaces of the grid for the Spirit of God to change the plan. In my own hunger for a different home, my heart hears the echo of Christie’s words.

We must learn to walk with God on the ground of our own lives, how to meet with him in our kitchens and neighborhood sidewalks and backyards…Our hunger is the exiles’ hunger, but it is also the first step in homecoming. We hunger and in doing so learn the shape of our emptiness and the world’s great emptiness in order to prepare room for God’s presence. Roots & Sky

Where do I meet God? Where do I find Him in my hunger and hoping, in my exile, and in my dreams and actual neighborhood? The pages of this book feed me as I consider the answer. My mind, stirred up by the images painted of life at Maplehurst: I can see myself in the garden by the roses, and feel the 100-year grooves worn into the back staircase as I climb higher, hoping to meet with God. This is not what my home looks like, but the search for what would satisfy unifies us in spirit. 

Learning the shape of my own emptiness is an important step towards finding what fills. I hadn’t wanted it to be this way. But God is more than a mist. More than a fog that settles briefly before vanishing into oblivion. His presence is found in both the dreams I have released and the ones I have held on to. His presence remains, even in the memory of the dreams that crumbled and blew away. Even in the absence of their fulfillment, His blessing is evident. He gives and takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Both in hunger and satiation, I find the Spirit present.

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A couple of weeks ago, I received an urgent prayer request from Christie on behalf of her then-missing brother in law, Shawn Campbell. Shawn along with eleven other Marines disappeared when their two helicopters crashed during a night time training exercise off the coast of Hawaii. After a full week of intensive efforts to locate any potential survivors and coming up empty handed, the Coast Guard arrested their search. 

As I’ve grieved with my friend, I’ve found a deep, unexpected comfort in Christie’s book. I marvel at the way God is using this book on finding home to minister to the hollow places of holy-hunger that crop up in the wake of loss. I’ve wondered if something more hasn’t been disturbed by the words I’ve been reading here in these pages. My eyes are too quick to leak these days. I’ve wandered through a deep, unexpected grief for the Campbell family, and for Christie, my friend. All I know to do is to keep holding my hands out to God, to wait for Him to name this unexpected season. I believe He is present still. Most especially, perhaps when the thick black clouds roll in and roll over us. 

When we begin from a place of belief, no matter how small or insubstantial, we can see what was always there, hidden in plain sight. Roots & Sky.

Christie’s book has been a needed glimpse of grace. It’s a feast really, a tender offering that brings Christ to the center of all our longing and dreams, both those fulfilled and those laid to rest. These words speak to the truth of what home is, and where we ultimately find our sanctuary. 

This isn’t an old, dying world. This is a world in the process of being made new. This is the truth that has been hiding in plain sight. Roots & Sky.

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We have two copies of Christie’s book, Roots & Sky, A Journey Home in Four Seasons, to give away. Leave a comment to be entered into our drawing. Winners will be chosen at random. If you share this post, leave another comment for additional entries.

*U.S. residents only, our sincerest apologies to our international friends. 

*All images used with permission from Christie’s beautiful Instagram feed.

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Kris is a writer and artist living in the middle of Ohio. She loves Jesus, people, and words. She is most often found in her tiny kitchen, where she plays with her food. Having recently mastered the art of preparing perfectly crisp dino-nuggets--she is her children's hero.
  • Julie

    God is teaching me to pray closer attention to what I strongly desire. And I desire a safe haven, a home here to shelter those I love and welcome, and my ultimate Home. I am blessed by Christie’s words here and long to read her book. Thanks for the opportunity.

    February 2nd, 2016 7:08
  • Katrina

    Christine’s book sounds like one you read a bit at a time, and digest paragraph by paragraph. Grace and hope – we could all use more.

    February 2nd, 2016 7:57
  • Katie L

    Yearning is one of the emotions I have felt consistently through my life, a holy search for the home and wholeness that only heaven will truly satisfy. Can’t wait to read this book!

    February 2nd, 2016 8:01
  • Greer Oharah

    I am eager to read this book, the thought of longing and satisfaction has been on my heart these days. Thanks for your words.

    February 2nd, 2016 8:42
  • Kathleen Mahoney

    So so true. Reminds me of the word Sehnsucht, deep deep longing and yearning for the things let to come. Thank you for the reminder Kris <3

    February 2nd, 2016 8:43
  • Valerie

    Would love to receive a copy of her book. Christie writes so beautifully.

    February 2nd, 2016 8:53
  • Robyn

    Thank you for sharing this. Blessings and peace to you.

    February 2nd, 2016 9:08
  • Tracey

    I’ve been grieving the loss of Christie’s brother in law too. We lost the only Marine in our family in 2011. I’m looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for hosting a giveaway.

    February 2nd, 2016 9:13
    • Lynn D. Morrissey

      I’m so very sorry for your loss, Tracey. I thank your Marine for faithful service.

      February 2nd, 2016 13:55
    • Kris

      I am so sorry for your loss, Tracey. Praying God’s mercy helps ease the pain. I think this book would be a tremendous gift for your heart.

      February 2nd, 2016 14:42
  • Michelle Callahan

    Two years ago my baby went off to college, we sold our house and moved into an apartment. Then 3 months ago, my husband resigned his job, and we moved in with friends. We are literally childless, homeless and jobless. But I too believe He is present still. I know it. I’ve experienced His closeness in a scary and uncertain time. And though my life is in flux, my heart is at peace. I know that comes from God. Thank you for this…it felt like a hug from God; that He sees me because you understand.

    February 2nd, 2016 9:33
    • Kris

      Michelle, what a lot to handle all at once…I am sorry for your hard season, and pray that in the midst, God would grant you the fullness of His comfort and presence and provision. May you KNOW His faithfulness in new, unexpected ways. He does SEE you. ((hugs))

      February 2nd, 2016 14:43
  • Betty

    Precious and powerful words. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of our fallen heroes.

    February 2nd, 2016 9:37
  • Anna

    What a beautiful book! We are almost 5 months in to a new home, and savoring the opportunity to find God in the new spaces. Thankful for the opportunity to receive a copy of this book!

    February 2nd, 2016 9:41
  • Jerralea

    Love the premise of this book! Makes me think of what one of our dear old saints used to testify while walking this earth: “This world is not my home I’m just a stranger passing through.”

    I’d love to read this book!

    February 2nd, 2016 9:43
  • Susan

    I pray you find the forever home that is perfect for you! After a long search for our home we were led to a place that was nothing that I had hope or dreamed of (other than having a couple of acres we could call ours)-it was not the quaint farmhouse I longed for or the place I imagined living out my days. What we ended up with was the home God longed for us to have-and his hopes for us meet a deeper need that is often obscured by want.

    February 2nd, 2016 9:52
    • Kris


      Thank you for this. It is a hard place to be, wedged between our own desires and trusting that God’s best may not look like what we imagine. I needed these words you left here.

      Praying that He blesses you where you are, and that you would find fulfillment in Him, by way of obedience, and willingness to do it His way.

      Grateful for you.

      February 2nd, 2016 14:46
  • Jeniffer Smith

    Timely words as I’m considering my own cravings for comfort and where rest truly lies. <3

    February 2nd, 2016 9:58
  • Lori Heyd

    This sounds like a marvelous book and an important one. Our eternal home is one we all somehow know about. I believe it’s God stamped on our DNA. We spend all our lives looking for it and it’s all around us, we only have to receive the gift. I am about to sell my home and move back to my hometown and it’s one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. To leave my job of 20 years and the home I love……But God has never left me and I know He is there before me on the pathway. Blessings to you!

    February 2nd, 2016 10:06
  • Lori Heyd

    Praying for Christie and her family at the terrible loss of her brother……

    February 2nd, 2016 10:10
  • Kim R.

    I can’t think of the grief of the families of these marines without tears. My own son is deployed and these helos are the very same ones he works with. But I’ve also been a military wife whose husband served during Desert Storm, and I know the fears that come with it. I will continue to pray for these families and I’m looking forward to reading Christie’s new book.

    February 2nd, 2016 10:33
  • SimplyDarlene

    Your first four words, “We are born hungry,” are my takeaway from this piece, Kris. And then when we’re born again, we are gifted with a new sorta hungry!

    Please do not enter me in the drawing, I’d like to buy this book.


    February 2nd, 2016 10:48
    • Kris

      Thanks for your note here, Darlene. So grateful you come round to this table again and again. Xo

      February 2nd, 2016 14:47
  • Karen

    My husband and I are grandparents. All of family have lived with us and our home has been a home to many. 6 months ago, my husband lost his job and now we may lose our home. I read a quote from your book today on FB which really boosted my heart. Would love a copy of your book during this tough time.

    February 2nd, 2016 10:58
    • Kris

      Praying for you now, Karen. That God would comfort you and give you His peace, whatever the outcome of your situation. You are found in Jesus. He is your home.

      February 2nd, 2016 14:48
  • Gay

    We are in the process of packing up our current home and life to move to another state. I have been preoccupied with thoughts of searching out a church home more than finding a house to live in. This book sounds like the companion I need.

    I am so sorry for Christie’s loss. My mother recently passed, and even though it was not the unexpected shock that Christie received, the emotional storm has surprised me. It does make me thankful, though, that I have my faith. I don’t know how people get through life without it!

    February 2nd, 2016 11:32
  • Corena Hall

    I experience quiet time in His presence and this world is not my home anywhere. I love where He meets me. I never want to leave. I love my family and my life; I experience my earthly home where He has planted us. But this world is not my final resting place anymore. I have a special place in my heart for those who defend our nation and their families so I am touched deeply by the loss of those marines. But I am also someone who sees God all over this world in the sunshine spilling through the windows, the birds who visit the feeders in our backyard, my daughters dance and my husbands sweet smile. The valleys of last year were barren and deep and lonely but He walked with us literally through the valley of death and that has brought poetry of His love and life to my heart and I know He is the God of miracles and how He comes to me….”I AM.”
    I enjoy reading and writing. I see Him speak in the books that I am blessed to be able to read. Thank you for considering me to be honored with a copy of Christies book. Her sister and family as the other marines remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    February 2nd, 2016 12:10
  • Corena Hall

    He is the roots I seek in my earthly life to reach Him in His heavenly mansion in the skies someday.

    February 2nd, 2016 12:16
  • Diana Harris

    Would love to win a copy of this book. I enjoy reading Christie’s posts on her blog

    February 2nd, 2016 12:20
  • PamC

    Beautiful. Such comfort here. Thank you.

    February 2nd, 2016 12:25
  • Traci

    I would love to read this book. Sounds delightful!

    February 2nd, 2016 12:36
  • Jennifer K Cook

    Book sounds lovely. Finding conententment, grace, and ways to welcome Christ in the home sound lovely. Read back to back articles here and on Lisa Jo Baker’s blog.

    February 2nd, 2016 13:24
  • Katie S.

    This book sounds lovely, and just what I need to read in this season of life as my husband and I are seeking the same type of home, but uprooting our teen children and all they’ve known for the past 10+ years. Seeking God’s heart in this, desiring His best for our crew, knowing He has a beautiful plan. . .

    February 2nd, 2016 13:28
  • Sonya Loyer

    I am really looking forward to reading this book! I’ve enjoyed reading several entries about it on FB this morning.

    February 2nd, 2016 14:15
  • Jen S

    I would love to win a copy of this – sounds as if it dovetails perfectly with many of the themes I’ve been contemplating lately as we are preparing to buy and settle into our own ‘home’ after many years of nomadic living.

    February 2nd, 2016 14:16
  • Lynn D. Morrissey

    Kris, Thank you for such a beautiful, comforting offering and especially in tribute to your dear friend, Christie, and her brother-in-love, Shawn. I read your heartfelt comments on her blogpost this morning, and commented myself, but somehow it didn’t post. So I will try here. I can’t imagine the dreams that Shawn and his family must have held, and indeed they seem to have evaporated into mist over the ocean. And yet, as I read of Christie’s profound faith and yours here, I realize that those misty things unseen are the most substantial, real things–the eternal things that will never end. And Shawn now sees beyond the misty veil and beholds his Savior face to face. Jesus has asked him to dine at His grace table….and there will be a time when everyone comes to share that Bridal supper of the Lamb. And there will be many more meals of lavish grace throughout eternity. Can you even imagine how our hunger will at last be fully satisfied?

    On side of the veil, it is unspeakably sad when dreams die, and when they do, we feel so empty. But I love your insight, Kris: “Learning the shape of my own emptiness is an important step towards finding what fills.” When we realize that dreams, while even God-given, have a shape that cannot possibly supersede the shape of God Himself–that shape for which our hearts are fashioned–it is easier to let dreams go and ask for God Himself to fill us. Only God can fill a God-shaped heart! We resonate with the words of Pascal: “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.” Posts like yours give me a desire to keep coming to His holy table to be filled with Christ (and to keep pushing away from tables whose fare can never satisfy, fares that bloat and make us groan). Thank you for such a beautiful, thoughtful post and tribute. God bless and fill you, Kris!

    February 2nd, 2016 14:20
    • Kris

      Lynn, you are always so thoughtful. Thank you for your kind comment here. I saw your comment on Christie’s site too–it showed up, and you are generous, my friend. Always grateful to see you here at this table-you are welcome here.

      This book is wonderful, I hope you can grab a copy, either here or on your own, it’s a tremendous read.

      February 2nd, 2016 17:49
    • Christie Purifoy

      Lynn, This is so beautiful. My sister and I stood on the North Shore so near where Shawn stepped through death’s door, and we felt that mist on our faces. Your words are true and weighty, and I am holding on to them. Thank you.

      February 3rd, 2016 10:15
  • Beth

    This looks like such a wonderful, peaceful book. Appealing in this chaotic world!

    February 2nd, 2016 14:39
  • Alyssa

    I’d love to read this. I’m sorry for what their family is going through.

    February 2nd, 2016 16:23
  • Carrie

    Ohh I’m so looking forward to reading this book! My “word” for 2016 is “home”… so this book sounds like it will fit perfectly!

    February 2nd, 2016 16:30
  • Rebecca

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive lovely grace in the form of this book.

    February 2nd, 2016 19:43
  • Rebecca

    I also shared the link to this article on my blog. Thank you again. I have been touched by Him at just the perfect moment of a very long day through visiting here.
    Here is the link to the blog post where I shared: http://abundancehouse.blogspot.com/2016/02/words-to-read.html

    February 2nd, 2016 19:44
  • Becky

    I’d love a copy of this book! We are moving to a new house in a new city to plant a new church at the end of the month! I’d love some more ideas on creating home…

    February 2nd, 2016 21:12
  • Patty Page

    It sounds like a thought provoking book!

    February 2nd, 2016 22:13
  • Leah Adams

    Sounds like a magnificent, beautiful read. Would love to win it!

    February 3rd, 2016 7:45
  • Candy Zackey

    I stumbled upon info about this book – then this site as I was looking for more information about the book…I would love to enter the drawing with the chance to win a copy to read for myself and share with friends!

    February 3rd, 2016 8:40
  • Christie Purifoy

    Reading your words through tears this morning, Kris. What an incredible thing it is to see my own small words – written months ago – begin to touch the deep places in another. I am overwhelmed. Thank you.

    February 3rd, 2016 10:17
  • Laura Beiler

    The quotes from the book are absolutely beautiful; this sounds like a book my soul would crave and find joy in. How kind to give two people an opportunity to win. I hope I am one but if not this book will be added to my wishlist and then shopping list!
    God bless!

    February 3rd, 2016 10:26
  • Janet Moake

    I would love to read her book! Thank you

    February 3rd, 2016 12:20
  • Randa Landis

    I too grieved as Christie’s family’s tragedy unfolded recently. Glad to read this post.

    February 3rd, 2016 12:36
  • Beth

    I have been following her blog for a while and would love to read her book! Thank you.

    February 3rd, 2016 12:39
  • Rachel Ganther

    This is wonderful and would be a blessed birthday gift to me – the grace of years passing – and God is so faithful.

    February 3rd, 2016 12:47
  • Barb Parris

    Your words are beautifully poignant. As a friend of Christie’s sister, Kelli, I’m in awe of what God has done, is doing & will faithfully see to completion. I join you in the many tears & many thanks to our good, good Father. I’m looking forward to reading Roots & Sky, despite that I know God is going to use this book to undo me, as only He can. May we all be undone, so that we can manifest his handiwork.

    February 3rd, 2016 13:03
  • Carolina Grace

    Life changes quickly. It seems this book will be one to return to as those changes come upon us. A keeper to revisit and share.

    February 3rd, 2016 13:03
  • Kitty Dulgar

    I would love to read this book! I have been following Christie’s instagram posts and her blog and also Kelli’s instagram posts. My heart has ached with and for them . Thank you for your beautiful words and the giveaway of Christie’s book.

    February 3rd, 2016 13:07
  • Crystal

    Would so love to read this book! Bless you for sharing!

    February 3rd, 2016 14:42
  • Susan Somers

    What beautiful words. I look forward to finding this book in the future…

    February 3rd, 2016 14:44
  • Sherry

    Looking forward to reading “Roots and Sky” when I finish “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. It’s actually helping lift a very long depression.

    February 3rd, 2016 15:51
  • Lori Trotte

    This book keeps popping up all over my news feed! The excerpts I have read have left me longing for more..

    February 3rd, 2016 16:35
  • Melody

    I am anxious to read this book. Thank you for sharing some copies with us.

    February 3rd, 2016 16:58
  • Rachel

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to read this book.

    February 3rd, 2016 17:41
  • Kim Mandigo

    Read about this book at A Holy Experience have it on my list to purchase. Would love to win a copy to share after I read my Kindle version.

    February 3rd, 2016 19:55
  • Gina Landauer

    I’ve been hearing so much about this book–and am excited to read it. The idea that God is home, and we are restless until we find Him–there’s so much to that. I can’t wait to dig in to this book.

    February 3rd, 2016 20:51
  • Catherine Fitzgerald

    My husband is a Marine pilot who flies the same aircraft as those that were lost in Hawaii. This crash has shook so many of us military families to our core because deep down we know that at any moment what has been experienced by the Campbell’s could be our reality. All of it just reminds us that this place isn’t our home, with all its brokenness and ache. I would love to see how God has ministered to Christie’s soul well before she even knew what she needed. How He will take the themes and strands of her very own writing and whisper them back to her as her family mourns. I’d love to read this book.

    February 3rd, 2016 21:07
  • Deborah

    I pre-ordered her book, but I’d be thrilled to win a copy to use for a gift!

    February 3rd, 2016 21:50
  • Jana Pritchett

    This looks like a beautiful book full of God’s Grace. Would love to win

    February 4th, 2016 7:41
  • Jana Pritchett

    Shared on Twitter

    February 4th, 2016 7:41
  • Jana Pritchett

    shared on google +

    February 4th, 2016 7:42
  • Beth

    I’ve been looking forward to this book coming out for a long time—thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    February 4th, 2016 9:42
  • Carol

    Don’t know how I stumbled upon this book, but I would love a copy! It seems like it would be a very soul-soothing and interesting read.

    February 4th, 2016 9:48
  • RJ

    I have thought a lot about “home” over the past several years. I look forward to reading this!

    February 4th, 2016 9:49
  • alison

    sounds like a beautiful book

    February 4th, 2016 9:51
  • Brooke Johnson

    Her writing is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to read this book! ❤️

    February 4th, 2016 11:17
  • Beth

    I remember being a little girl and thinking about how when I grew up, I would have it all figured out. I would be married with children, and be doing a job, and have a house, and life would be all sorted out and tidy. I’ll be turning forty-two this year, and I am learning that despite my deepest need for things to be sorted and put in their right place, life is never tidy. It is hard to be a driven, need-to-be-in-charge-of-everything kind of person, and put your full trust in God. But God is always good, and I have to remember that He knows where I am going, even before I get there. His plan is bigger than my dreams, and in the midst of all this mess, He is forming me into the best version of myself. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of Christie’s book I can’t wait to read it.

    February 4th, 2016 11:52
  • Barbara

    Christie’s writing speaks to my soul and I can’t wait to read this book!

    February 4th, 2016 12:30
  • Laura boggess

    I’ve read so many good quotes from Christie’s book. I’ve been praying for her sweet family. God is close to the broken-hearted-to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Thanks for this love,y reflection, kris.

    February 4th, 2016 12:58
  • Sharon A Gibbs
    Sharon A Gibbs

    In all our hunger and in all our despair, what a blessing to see Christie’s words be used for the glory of God!

    February 4th, 2016 13:37
  • Jessi

    This books looks wonderfully encouraging.

    February 4th, 2016 14:28
  • Cindy hellstern

    I am so moved by the writing of roots and sky. Longing to read more

    February 4th, 2016 16:22
  • Yvette

    I’ve heard such wonderful things about this book. I can’t wait to pour into its pages and find the beauty that awaits!

    February 4th, 2016 22:19
  • Cheryl

    Raw and poignant. I found Christie and through her, you. I feel both are timely gifts to me as I hold my hands open to my Abba, transitioning from life with our kids, now on the threshold of independence to move in and care for my mother-in-law clear across the country. There’s an ache deep in my spirit as we prepare to move “back home.” Prayers of comfort tonight

    February 5th, 2016 0:24
  • Amy J.

    “We must learn to walk with God on the ground of our own lives, how to meet with him in our kitchens and neighborhood sidewalks and backyards…” I love this and can’t wait to read more. Praying for Christie’s family.

    February 5th, 2016 9:01
  • Joy B. Rudolph

    I ‘ve been thinking about our earthly home and out home in Christ. I want to figure out how they fit together rather than fight against each other…This book is on my to-read list.

    February 5th, 2016 13:02
  • Janet Moake

    I shared your post and invited my friends to like your page on Facebook.

    February 6th, 2016 12:40
  • Deborah Sherman

    This book sounds delightful!

    February 11th, 2016 1:08

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