Let you be enough.  

There are enough others, people who have skill sets you might wish you held. But, sister, let you be enough.  

There are voices in our heads, competing, telling us to become bigger, set a larger table, make more food, do more so they love you more. But, mother, let you be enough.  

There are those who say they welcome you to the table; yet, it still feels like you are a dog at the master’s feet willing to even take the scraps. But, daughter, let you be enough.  

There are those words running thick in your veins, clanging the never ceasing migraine roller coaster. Those ones where the skin of your flesh, the soprano in your voice, the meekness of your smile say it isn’t enough. But, auntie, let you be enough.

Even the appearance of strength, those who walk with swagger in their step, hips rejoicing in the womanness of it all. And still, there is a voice gnawing that whispers ever so faintly, “You are not enough.”  


In the summertime, my garden is for the tender at heart.  My daughters, my three priceless wonders and their innocence frolick in this garden of fairy houses primped with dahlia petals, twigs and pinecones.  Just now my oldest at the ripe age of 10 is beginning to hear that voice.  

It’s not a still small voice that brings a grown man to cower on a mountain. No, it’s a voice that tells you to flee. A voice disguised as “the One.” But, this voice covers you with shame, makes you small and cower for fear of the crowd mocking you.  

This voice tells you are not enough.  

You are not smart enough.

You talk out of turn.

You are too quiet.

You are too brash.

You feel too much.

You aren’t warm enough.

You are not meek and mild.

You need to invite more people over, in order to be considered hospitable.

Your hospitality doesn’t look right.

You are not noticed, so why try?

You are too old to be relevant.

You are too young to be heard.

You are cute (as they pat your head), with your sweet little family, surely you don’t have opinions.

You have too many opinions.

But, sister, daughter, mother, auntie, friend, grandma, you are enough. The way you introspect so thoughtfully. The way you feel so deeply to see the hurt. The way you set your table and chop your vegetables 24 hours before people come so you can be present. The way you sporadically love by welcoming in drop in visitors. The way you stir up conversation and reflection. The way you see the deep felt need just by intuition.  

You, all of you, who God made you to be is enough. Bring you to the table. Bring you to the gathering. Bring you to the conversation, because you, every bit of you, quirks and all is enough at the table.  

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Kamille Scellick passionately believes that gathering around the table is where the body, mind & soul will be nourished. It's around the table where you're sure to find her on any given day...eating, talking, listening & sharing life with her husband, Ben & three girls. She believes in life-giving hospitality Jesus style and sees his redemption being offered through it. Her greatest achievement is knowing she is extending this hospitality first & foremost to her family and then to others. You can find her sharing stories, hospitality, food and life with friend & stranger at her blog, Redeeming the Table. There's a seat for you at her table to find home.
  • Sarah

    Love this message, Kamille. Thank you for the encouragement today.

    March 27th, 2017 9:17
    • Kamille Scellick

      Thank you Sarah! I’m glad to know it encouraged you–warmly, Kamille

      March 29th, 2017 1:58
  • Leslie McCarthy

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this, you been readin’ my mail! 😉 These feelings are weird to me, foreign, this comes as a great relief that somebody gets me. So thanks very much for the perfectly timed (as He always does) encouragement. Blessings.♥

    March 27th, 2017 15:08
    • Kamille Scellick


      Thank you for taking the time to respond Leslie. I find when God puts a message on one person’s heart it often is the same thing another person is walking through as well. I think it’s just like God to encourage us through community.



      March 29th, 2017 2:03
  • Theresa Boedeker

    Thanks for the encouragement that we are enough. Quirks and all.

    March 27th, 2017 23:07
    • Kamille Scellick

      Hi Theresa,

      Thank you for responding. Yes we are all enough.



      March 29th, 2017 2:03
  • Elizabeth Wynne Marshall

    Kamille, every word of this is grace-filled. Important truth. And you speak with such sweet conviction. I am grateful.for you. Thanks for spillimg out goodness and mercy and a banner of love.

    March 29th, 2017 9:07

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