It was a last-minute plan, and I suppose when it’s last minute, it’s hardly a plan at all.

We’re in one of those seasons when life is complicated. A lovely way to dress that up is to compare it to the weather when we lived in Germany–whatever was forecast often had little to do with the actual climate. Temperature was usually close to the bullseye, but precipitation? She was as fickle as a hormonally-challenged woman. Beware and prepare is your best response.

The longer I live, the more I’m convinced life is what happens to us while we are making other plans1. I’m learning to lean into this as a good thing because it’s a God thing.

How is it humanly possible to find peace in the midst of life’s tumultuous turns? Ancient words divinely pennedIsaiah 55:8-9Jeremiah 29:11Romans 8:28 bring with them peace.

Trusting that God’s thoughts and ways are superior to mine,

believing He has a plan for my life,

and knowing the eventual outcome is for my good and His glory

stems the tide of worry.

Focusing on Jesus and not circumstance always rightly aligns my perspective.

The plans I made months earlier were derailed from the demand of our present reality. So after I pitched a relatively mild hissy fit – totally proportional and reasonable to my disappointment – I moved on. Isn’t that the best option anyway? If Plan A goes awry, there are 25 other letters in the alphabet, right?

I didn’t have to go any further than Plan B.

I was a little concerned that reaching out to a friend I haven’t talked to in forever and inviting myself to spend the night the day before travel was outrageously rude, but then I decided not to say no for her. I sent a text, held my breath and hoped she would extend grace. Instead, what she asked for…

was for me to extend grace to her.

Last Minute Hospitality

“Yes,” she messages me, and because she’ll be working til 5:00, “…grace for this working woman’s home please.”

If I had to wade through an episode of Hoarders, it would be worth it to spend time with this lifetime lovie of mine. In fact, I probably wouldn’t notice if you couldn’t see the floor because she is who I’m coming to see, not a house!

In all honesty, I do judge her…

We were opposites on a lot of levels, probably not naturally drawn to one another. We both worked at our church, sharing office space in little more than a glorified shoebox. But I judge her by how she has walked with me in friendship, how she carried me through some of my darkest days. How she listened with compassion, loved without limit and mingled my tears with her own.


“My hospitality will be a smile, clean sheets and no boy pee on the toilet seat.”


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Southern as sugar-shocked tea and in a scandalous affair with her college sweetheart, Robin is mom to two in college with the third almost there. She believes the kitchen table is a sacred alter, first classroom, and safe refuge, where the currency is spoken in love and good food. She hates "cooking close" and shoe shopping (gasp!), loves snail mail and surcies, and finds holy communion where sand meets surf. She's also rumored to make the best apple pie in the world. In addition to writing at, you'll find her at The Art of Simple, {in}courage and Deeper Story.
  • Joy B. Rudolph

    Love this, Robin! Thanks for sharing such a great reminder of what really matters.

    August 24th, 2015 14:36
  • SimplyDarlene

    and that last line is awesome!

    August 25th, 2015 15:10

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