I’m waking up this morning to the start of another work week, but my mind and heart are still with the weekend. It was full of some of life’s best stuff: warm sunshine and blue skies, showering a soon-to-be mama with gifts, and celebrating the April birthdays of a certain three-year-old nephew and his dad.

The first warm days of the year spent outside with friends and family are the days my soul longs for all winter. There’s just something about being stuck indoors that makes the breaking out so much sweeter.

Soon, everything will start to bloom and we’ll swing wide the backyard gate to open our home and hearts to guests. Our season is coming.

My husband has a gift for making the outdoors beautiful. This spring he added a seating area with a fire pit as its centerpiece and six new Adirondack chairs make it complete.


He’s been talking about it for over a year, but not until he was finished with it did he tell me why he built it.

“This gives people a reason to stay after it gets dark.” he said. “So your friends don’t feel like they have to leave.”

Ah, yes. We do love a Saturday with guests who settle in for a while.  

Something about the way my better half makes room for people has me praying for my heart to be open to whatever God might want to do at our place this summer.

I’m praying for the gatherings that will last long enough for me to start a fire (just as soon as I learn how).

I’m praying for the friends who will come, both those who have been a million times before and some new ones, too.

I’m praying for an unprecedented string of sunny Saturday afternoons that turn into beautiful Saturday evenings.

I’m praying that I will joyfully welcome the people God sends. I’m asking Him to remind me to worry less about getting it all right and to listen closer to their stories.

And I’m praying that the love of my Father will fill me with so much joy that it spills over into the lives of those he entrusts to me. All for His glory.


God is good, and our new fire pit is my proof. He has given us a space on this planet to steward and to share. It’s an amazing thing, really, when you stop to think about it. During our place in the history of the world, we have the opportunity to invite others to our tiny plot of land and for that to be a holy offering to God. The very things he gives us, offered back to Him for his glory. That is where it gets good.


This summer, may the friends who gather here find rest for weary feet, conversation that stirs the soul, and the glory of God. 



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Sarah is a wife and mom who lives imperfectly for Jesus. She’s a communication professional by day, word girl by night, and always an appreciator of art. She's on a mission to know and love God so she can love others like He commands. She calls it scattering gold. Sign up for monthly newsletters at www.scatteringgold.com.
  • Kris

    I love this, Sarah. I am praying those prayers for my own heart too. So glad you shared this.

    April 18th, 2016 21:55

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