Henry Nouwen described the practice of hospitality as the creation of a “free space” where strangers can become friends. Here at GraceTable we believe that people are more important than our own personal comfort zones. We believe that the hospitality Christ calls us to is one of brave surrender–a willingness to open our hearts and homes to people who may or may not fit neatly into our personal categories. (Romans 12:13)

We like to think of GraceTable as a virtual soup kitchen, a “free space” where hungry hearts and souls can find nourishment.

We want to be known by our love. We want to sit long at the table amongst friends and strangers alike until the barriers fade.

GraceTable is a space for sharing stories about food, faith and how these things connect us to the world beyond our front doors. Here we celebrate the joy and beauty of practicing hospitality, as well as wrestle with the challenges that come with actually extending this kind of hospitality. We know it’s not as easy as it sounds. We’re not afraid to tell our broken stories. We’re letting you in to the kitchen, we’re opening the door while the vacuum is still in the foyer, we’re pulling out a chair and swiping the crumbs into our hands as you pull-up to the table.

GraceTable is for the hot dog lovers, the sushi connoisseurs, the mac and cheese makers and the green juice drinkers. This table is for the expert chefs and the microwave queens. Hospitality isn’t about what or how you eat–it’s about setting the table with love.

Everyone is a stranger until you meet them.

It’s nice to meet you here–welcome to GraceTable.