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Storied Dishes

After we got engaged I couldn't wait to finally get to choose an everyday china pattern and register for gifts. (How in the world was that almost 30 years ago?) I didn't need to choose fine china; I had inherited my mother's Malden by Oxford, simple, rimmed in gold, and stunning. I'm one of those who believes kitchen art begins with pretty dishes. A spectacularly set table doesn't necessarily have to...

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The Return Home

Less than a week ago we were eight hours from home vacationing on the shores of the Atlantic. This morning I dropped my daughter at school for her first day of first grade. That means summer break is officially over at our house. My brain and my body aren't sure what to make of the rapid change of pace and scenery. I feel a bit like the rug (or beach towel)...

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Comfort Food For Those Who Mourn

Today is gray and chilly, and raindrops are sliding down the window slowly, like tears. It is the last hour before dinner, and I am scrambling to write this post for Grace Table. My husband is traveling for work this week, and I left the sitter with the kids and a big pot of slowly thawing soup. I had most of the day to work, a rare thing, but I...

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The Thing About Tradition

The small television in the hospital room flashed the familiar sights of colorful floats and massive balloons high in the sky. The sound of high school marching bands competed with beeping  monitors and the hum of the blood pressure cuff squeezing my arm tight at regular intervals.  I love a parade. Never mind I hadn’t slept a single minute the night before, what with a newborn crying at me all...

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Love Prepared a Table For Me

I had so much to say about “quiet hospitality.” I intended to begin with all the stories of my early, “loud” hospitality. All those parties and gatherings and big efforts. Those efforts weren’t misguided. It was a good season, but it was only that. A season. And as our family grew, and we uprooted for a few big cross-country moves, it ended. I planned to tell you all about the...

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A Little Gastfreundschaft {German Hospitality}

"One of the most incredible God-gifts I've ever received came by way of my husband's new job. His company was building a huge manufacturing facility near our home in Tennessee, and while it was under construction, he would train in Germany for a year or so. In other words, at mid-life we would have to - get to - live abroad."Living in Europe is a very different animal than vacationing in Europe, so...

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How to Ice Gingerbread Cookies (And A Link-Up)

  Our gingerbread cookies wear bikinis. It’s probably better to say it forthright, at the start of things, rather than string you along. It started when we were little. Dozens and dozens of cookies were made in our kitchen in December. They made their way into old tins and new platters and eventually to cookie swaps and school functions, the office, the concerts at church and our seven closest neighbors’...

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On Magic, Tradition & Sacred Tables

    With all my heart I believe in magic. Oh, how I hope we're the same, you and me. Not rabbits out of hats or the dark and mystical, only in the sweetest sense of the word-- The things that steal my breath, explode my heart, and make me want to burst into an ovation of gratitude; seriously, those closest to me know I clap (or jump) in the presence of magical...

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