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Grief, Gratitude, and Turkey Stuffing

Thanksgiving was the first holiday we celebrated after moving to this old red-brick farmhouse in southeastern Pennsylvania. Tomorrow, we will celebrate our fifth Thanksgiving in this place. Is it any wonder I am looking back? Every year, we have roasted a turkey bought from a local Lancaster County farmer. I no longer attempt complicated new recipes because these turkeys are so flavorful. There are many reasons to take good care...

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Finding Your Place At God’s Table When You’re Grieving

It was nearly five months ago that I saw a group of EMTs wheel my grandmother into the back of an ambulance. She hadn't been able to eat much and her body had become weak and frail. She often complained of stomach pains and said nothing tasted like it used to. We seemed so far from the days when I used to watch her standing in front of her seventies...

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How Miss Annie Saved Thanksgiving

Dad sat all five of us down in the living room--including the youngest, who didn't really sit, despite the sober atmosphere in the room.  "Mom's really sick, kids. She has pneumonia. She's gonna get better, but she's going to have to rest. To stay in bed for a few days." He saw the confusion in our faces. Mom never stayed in bed. And this week was Thanksgiving! What about the...

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