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What Makes a Life

The alert sounds just as I pull into my parking spot at work. The front passenger tire has low pressure. I hear the hiss of air streaming out of the tire as soon as I get out of the car. Happy Monday. But I've been here before, so I don't panic. I let my lunch date know I'll have to miss her in lieu of getting my tire patched at...

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Come And See: On Visions And Dreams

I jumped off the bus and ran into a local and much-loved church. Sliding into the century old oak pews in the back of the chapel, I arrived just in time for a meeting with a sweet acquaintance turned friend. This was back in August on a day when the stubborn NYC heat made me long for the relief promised in early Fall. This was back in August and after...

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Intimacy Through Abiding

“Pruning seems counterintuitive,” my friend points out in her hesitation. “So I cut back this main stem on my zinnias and dahlias? Are you positive?” I reassure her, “By pinching back that lead stem, your plant will branch out and produce more blooms, and they will be luscious.” Sometimes I too forget this truth and that same hesitation seeps in my gut. If I forgo pinching them back, I could...

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Fighting Boredom with Loveliness

Every year this time of year, I find myself in a rut. The days are gray and I’m weary of cold weather. The buzz of the holidays has quieted and the change of routine that comes with summer seems far off. It’s a season filled with writing and work, causing the days to blur. My table becomes a metaphor for my life. In the past few months, my crockpot has...

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Fish, Bread and the Hospitality of God

I went to a small faith-based liberal arts college in Northwest Arkansas. We had to take 12 credit hours of Bible classes, and I don't remember much from them save this one moment from New Testament survey. The classroom was a large rectangular room with no windows, seats and desks in rows, blank, vanilla walls, and a fancy, electronic overhead projector (because 14 years ago). But our professor was an...

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Grief and Joy

I walk with tears in my eyes down to my favorite viewpoint, and I pray. “God, it’s been a year and a half. I should be over this by now. I shouldn’t still be weeping about it.” But I am. I’m just tired, I tell myself. And that is true. Or maybe I’m PMSing. That may be true, too. But both of these statements serve only to minimize my tears...

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3 Reasons Why Charcoal is Better than Gas (and the Long Hard Work of Transformation)

  As a wedding gift, my in-laws bought my wife and me a propane gas grill. I had heard of charcoal, but because I now owned a propane grill and a marriage license, I assumed the two vessels of outdoor cooking were basically the same. What a sad and naive little man I was. A couple years later, at a good friend's house, I watched (for the first time) the process...

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