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Take Time to Savor and Be Filled

Sometimes I think my tastebuds have failed me. That in the midst of the everyday I have failed to savor. That the rush and appetites of my life have more to do with frantic filling than with letting the aroma of the good things settle on my tongue and linger.  I bulge at the seams of this overstuffed pace. The frantic tyranny of what must be done. I have never...

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Winter Party with Grain-free Chocolate Cupcakes

A winter party is one of my favorite ways to remind me to keep celebrating life. This was true as a fourth grader too. My golden blonde hair lay straight falling in my face. Sweeping it back to focus on weaving the purple & pink construction paper for my Valentine heart envelope to receive the next day’s Valentines.    My nine year old heart knew nothing of the 16 year...

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In the Habit of Hospitality

I am allergic to goals and averse to resolutions. I love to dream, but I prefer my dreams in rosy shades of vague. Details and action plans make me tired. Oh, January. Oh, month of optimism and ambition. I love you. But I do not trust you. * Or, perhaps, I do not trust myself. For though I am no setter of goals, I, too, long to turn over that...

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Invisible Hospitality And An End-of-Summer Cake

Ten years ago, she confessed to me that hospitality wasn’t for her. The tasks that brought me life brought her only unbearable stress. She sloughed off a burden of expectation that wasn’t hers to bear. She said no to hosting friends for dinner and said yes to so many other good things. * Today, that same friend is mom to a houseful of kids. They arrived through birth and adoption...

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Being a Child Again and Grain-free Cardamom Sticky Biscuits

Being a child once is not too far removed even if the years say so.  It’s in being a mother where I get to overhear the banter of “Pretend you….” between sisters and friends, anguish of being excluded, and laments from feeling ugly.  Children tell us a lot….if we only take the time to listen. ***  My puffy pink coat, her strawberry lip gloss, us tethered together inseparably in the...

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Prayer, Grace, and a Practical Pizza

I think a great deal about hospitality. Quite often, I think about hospitality when people are knocking on my door, and I have just realized that I forgot to purchase some key ingredient. That's when I think that I should leave this hospitality thing to those who are cool under pressure. Those who aren’t so distractable and clumsy in their kitchens. But just as often, I think about hospitality while I’m...

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Family Dinner Table

As I peered into those New England homes on the first day of Spring, while snow blanketed the streets in Providence, all I could think was "maybe they'll invite me in to stay." I was 18 years old, and at that point in my life I was broken, depressed and although I knew the love of Jesus, what I needed more than anything was the hands & feet of Jesus...

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