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How to Find Hope in a World of Contrasts

Inhaling the aromas of fresh paint mingling with unadulterated wood and carpet, I step inside the still, empty house and wait for the new homeowners to flick lights on in every room. A canvas of quiet green in the entryway welcomes when wall scones illuminate the darkness. As five friends gather in the kitchen to bless the house, my mind becomes a filmstrip of memories freeze framing between fragments of...

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Eating Simply, Eating Well

A friend and I were talking about all of the books and blogs and articles we had recently encountered whose subject was that elusive thing called simplicity. Food, we decided, must be one of the cornerstones of the so-called simple life. “But, why?” my friend burst out. “Why does it always sound so complicated?” *** Like me, you’ve probably seen the documentaries. You’ve read the books. You know that farmers...

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Feeding the Multitudes (Large Family Hospitality)

The other day, friends of ours who live in another part of the state were passing through our county, so I invited them for lunch. They are a family of eleven (or is it twelve?) so when my guests said there would be just seven of them coming, I felt like I got off easy. I planned on serving chili and cornbread, and promptly doubled everything as I mentally gathered...

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How Poverty Prepares for Presence in Hospitality

  “My deodorant is like the story of the woman with the flour and oil,” says my husband while standing in front of the mirror getting dressed. He holds the container up to eye level while I brush my teeth, “Look, it’s been empty for two weeks, but every time I twist it, more comes out.” Moving quickly to the sink with hand cupped under my chin, I lean over...

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