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Wait With Me

“One of the greatest strains in life is the strain of waiting for God.” Oswald Chambers I sift through the most difficult times of my life, draw circles around painful periods, connect the dots between each hard part, every challenging chapter. As I take inventory of my almost sixty years, I find that in some way every important page holds a story of waiting. Often my waiting felt like wading...

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On Learning To See

Lately, I"ve been slowly savoring every word of Annie Dillard's, Pilgrim At Tinker Creek. I'd seen her book quoted numerous times by some of my favorite friends around the internet and finally, when I could stand it no more, I bought myself a copy and started reading the day the mail carrier left if on my doorstep. She opens chapter two, Seeing, by describing how as a child, she used...

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On Finding And Receiving The Light

Even on the grey days there is light. I tell myself remember this truth and always go looking with heavy-laden hope. Be open, expectant, hopeful that it will find me, embrace me in my place of waiting. Sometimes I’m waiting on the edge of the shadows. On the cusp. But we find each other, the light and I. Advent reminds us to wait for the Light. We are the wisemen,...

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do you hear what I hear? All the sounds of Christmas are in full swing here: songs that bring nostalgia, the raucous laughter of cousins and aunts and uncles crammed around the table, those golden few minutes of silence when the door slams closed, after the kids have found that missing glove or hat and boots and finally made it out the door to sled down the big hill. Do...

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Dinnertime Discussions at Our Lifegiving Table

“Here’s what I think . . .”
It was a night just like any other, which is to say it was another evening of rousing discussion. Soup spoons suspended in midair, quizzical brows, the thumping of a printed-out article on the table. The article in question had been the source of that evening’s discussion. I can’t recall the exact topic of debate, but it likely had something to do with a...

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Come, Taste and See

A drizzly Tuesday afternoon in late summer found me at the grocery store, picking up a dozen items that we’d somehow managed to miss on our weekly shopping trip over the weekend. I am not enamored with shopping of any kind, and grocery shopping, after doing it weekly (or more) for lo these many years, is not my preferred way to spend part of an afternoon, even a drizzly one....

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When Everything Feels Too Frivolous or Too Urgent

I’ve been mostly absent from social media for the past few months. I come and go but mostly I’ve been offline trying to live into my present. Living in the now is no small task. We are a people of anticipation or we are a people of despair. As people who believe in Christ, hope is our native tongue but we often struggle to translate that language to the world....

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The Joy of Remaining and Watermelon

This summer has been marked by rhythms which are a bit off beat. Perhaps they are syncopated, mostly beautiful, but different. As women we establish routines and traditions, often following the seasons and the calendar as we make our life within our family and home. Our old normal, the paradigm we grew accustomed to when our children were young was one of embracing summer, racing headlong into the three month...

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Reclaiming the Kitchen Sink

Standing at the kitchen sink the other week, I quickly scraped three-hour-old bread crusts off one of my children's plates into the food waste bin and then hurriedly put the plate in the dishwasher. The sink was full of lunch dishes and I needed to start on dinner. Also, a writing deadline loomed, and I wanted to get the dishes done and dinner made and the kids packed off to...

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Intimacy Through Abiding

“Pruning seems counterintuitive,” my friend points out in her hesitation. “So I cut back this main stem on my zinnias and dahlias? Are you positive?” I reassure her, “By pinching back that lead stem, your plant will branch out and produce more blooms, and they will be luscious.” Sometimes I too forget this truth and that same hesitation seeps in my gut. If I forgo pinching them back, I could...

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