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On Learning to Trust When Vision isn’t Clear

It’s easy to praise when the fruit is visible, when new buds break through hard soil, and affirmation from others comes in like a rushing wave. It’s easy to praise His name when life is steady, our calling is clear, and the direction of where to go is marked. But what happens when it all feels wonky? When our dreams feel foolish and we begin doubting the very place we...

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“Lord, Calm This S-Storm” and Other Dangerous Prayers

Dr. Brene Brown once said, “I can confidently say that stories of pain and courage almost always include two things: praying and cussing. Sometimes, at the exact same time.” This is the season I find myself right now. Praying and cussing. This is not new for me, I’ve called myself a “salty prayer warrior” many-a times. Jesus knows I’m prone to call current pains BS at the same time I’m...

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