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Hospitality with Small Kids Is Worth It

Hospitality was so serious to my husband and I, it was part of our wedding vows. I commit my heart and my life to welcoming people into our home. Our small apartment in Geneva, Switzerland was home to many gatherings in those first years of newlywed life. There was no dishwasher in the kitchen, and we had a small, four-burner stove and oven with a broken thermometer. But those things...

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They Said It Would Get Better

I remember when we first moved back to California, and the nightly nightmares began. He’d scream at the top of his lungs, and I’d jolt awake with my heart racing; anger, frustration, concern beating fast within my chest. I’d rush into his room stressed, wanting to comfort but also curse him back to sleep. My motherly nurture wrestled with my human need for rest. What had happened to the days...

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Trusting in the Work of Time

The woods are wild in the late German summer. Grass inches toward the road, creeps over the pavement, reaching for the concrete. Trees grow into each other from opposites sides of the road. Shades of green are everywhere. Deep, dark fir, jade vines, brighter chartreuse on bushes, celery-colored leaves. It looks overrun, like the gardener took a vacation and didn't have anyone to cut back the growth while he was...

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Something New: Seasons in Mothering (and a recipe to keep kids home)

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring. ~George Santayana "Fall’s coming." My man-child climbs into the passenger seat next to me for after-school pick up, announces this with a wide smile. He doesn’t even say hello. "I went outside to warm up this morning because I was cold and it was colder outside!" I don’t respond...

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On Grace And Growing Up

The #skatergirl started wearing my earrings this year. She's 14 now. Flipping furiously from sweet girl to blossoming woman, I'll admit I've had a hard time keeping up. Some of the changes that accompanied this transition were quiet and subtle, like trees in winter - patient. Others rolled in like a violent storm no one saw coming - a dangerous surprise with repercussions I couldn't predict. Both slow and wild...

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