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Dinnertime Discussions at Our Lifegiving Table

“Here’s what I think . . .”
It was a night just like any other, which is to say it was another evening of rousing discussion. Soup spoons suspended in midair, quizzical brows, the thumping of a printed-out article on the table. The article in question had been the source of that evening’s discussion. I can’t recall the exact topic of debate, but it likely had something to do with a...

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How to Be a Safe Place for Single People

I was going to write an essay for June about singleness. In my head its title was “What I would tell my single self,” a list of advice and anecdotes, thoughts on friendship, living a good life, staying present and doing the next thing. I asked a question on my Facebook page in preparation for writing this essay: “Single friends, what’s the most annoying/offensive thing married [people] say to you?” ...

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On Rest And Going Slow

“ Mom, what’s for dinner? Will dad be home? Is there going to be garlic? You know I don’t like garlic!” Questions pinged one after the other from the backseat of our suburban as I shuffled my girls home from ballet class. I ran through the evening’s logistics in my head, unsure of how to answer. Would Josh’s meeting run late or would he join us for dinner tonight? How...

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Always a Baker, Never a Bride

I’ve named 2017 ‘the year of weddings.’ I’m told that everyone has seasons like this, but it’s a first for me. Over the span of six weeks, four of the most influential women in my life are getting married, each in a different state from New England across to Southern California. I’m maid of honor, cake baker, chalice bearer, and candy maker. But as a single woman who has never...

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The Art We Make at the Table

This is a story of two tables. The first is round. The wood is dark, and the square pedestal is cracked. We bought the table as newlyweds. We spent weeks hunting for chairs to match. The six chairs we found were always a little wobbly, but the warm, wood color was just right. It needed sixteen years, but we did, eventually, grow to fill those chairs. Jonathan and myself. Two...

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The Bountiful Feast

“Is anyone joining us tonight?” she asks as she counts the plates for dinner. The fact that she doesn’t know this answer points to the varying numbers that gather around our little faux wood dining set. “Just us tonight,” I say, and flip another tortilla in the cast iron pan. There’s a stack of 15 tortillas on the plate and I’ve rolled out the last one. We won’t eat 16...

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How to Find Hope in a World of Contrasts

Inhaling the aromas of fresh paint mingling with unadulterated wood and carpet, I step inside the still, empty house and wait for the new homeowners to flick lights on in every room. A canvas of quiet green in the entryway welcomes when wall scones illuminate the darkness. As five friends gather in the kitchen to bless the house, my mind becomes a filmstrip of memories freeze framing between fragments of...

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Sunlight, Shadows, and a Supper Club

When I was younger, I was sure that loneliness was both inevitable and temporary. It was simply the price one paid for moving to a faraway city or taking a new job or joining a different church. Loneliness was a straightforward ailment easily cured in time. Now that I am older, I understand loneliness not as a sickness but a shadow. The sun shines brightly here in the land of...

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Women Who Gather At The Table

It's funny these days, how people you've never met in person can become dear friends through spaces like Voxer and Facebook. Instagram breeds in us, a familiarity for others because we've seen their bedroom, or their children at play, their closet, or their front door. As weird as it is, it's also the world we live in. This is how many of us find community. Six years ago, I met a woman...

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All It Takes, The Heart of Hospitality

The heart of the gospel is rooted in hospitality; and at the core, both the heart of the gospel and hospitality are simple. They both invite the weary, the messy, the brokenhearted, the questioning to come and find rest. They both welcome the stranger and offer refuge for our souls.  ~ Jen Schmidt, Craving Connections It's late in the afternoon when I finally find a quiet pocket of time to...

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