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On Restlessness, Discontent, and Finding Eden

In the beginning there was the garden. I imagine fig trees, berry bushes, and hummingbirds. Water flows between glistening rocks painted different shades of blue and grey. The water is clean and safe to drink straight from the river out of the palm of my hand. The smell of honeysuckles and crisp mountain air feels minty in my mouth. My bare feet press against soft grass, and a butterfly lands...

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Let You Be Enough

Let you be enough.   There are enough others, people who have skill sets you might wish you held. But, sister, let you be enough.   There are voices in our heads, competing, telling us to become bigger, set a larger table, make more food, do more so they love you more. But, mother, let you be enough.   There are those who say they welcome you to the table; yet, it...

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Two Kinds of Lonely

I've allowed a few years to slip by without a proper visit to Mr. Don, our beloved backyard neighbor. The kids have been busy growing as they do between the ages of three and six, and I'm plain worn out come December. At least that has been my excuse.     But not this year. This is the year of no excuses, so we create excuses to go visit our favorite neighbor...

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Help Me Love Better

I turn off my alarm and close my heavy eyelids for one more indulgent minute. It's still pitch black outside. I can't allow myself to drift back to sleep, so I countdown from ten then roll out of bed. In the quiet of my living room, I meet with the Lord. I read His Word, confess my failures, share my thanks, and make my requests. But when my time is up, I hesitate...

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Winter Blossoms, Shipping Fees, and Other Vehicles of Love

The day before my mother arrived for her semiannual visit, I spent twenty minutes at the floral display in the grocery store. My two wide-eyed little girls watched me, munching their breakfast in the shopping cart, as I wavered between clusters of snowy stock blooms and evergreen sprigs, lacy carnations and bright red berries. We'd bought her "welcome flowers" before, but they were never a high priority step in preparing...

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The Irrational Hospitality of Advent

The definition of hospitality seems simple enough. Hospitality means to receive a guest -- friend or stranger -- with goodwill. But what does that really look like? In a year of stories here at Grace Table, we have only begun to describe it. It looks like tea parties with children. It looks like food for the strangers who are also our neighbors. It looks like hilarious family traditions. It is last-minute invitations and...

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"I am going to go see my daddy," my little girl told me. We were at our business office, painting in her playroom at the time. "Wait," I told her. "He’s in a meeting." She paid no mind to me. There, through a glass window that divides his office from her playroom, I watched as she stepped through his office door. I was prepared for her to be sent out,...

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