Hospitality Of Reconciliation

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Reconciliation through my Son

Tears stream down his face as he reaches his arms out to me. Mommyyyy! Huuuggg! Huuuggg! My jaw, my arms, my heart are clenched. Anger pulsates through my body, and I refuse to oblige. He’s two years old, and I should know better, but in the moment I want him to bear the consequences of his disobedience. I want him to know things can’t be fixed so quickly when the...

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State Of Change

I am here in a state of change. We all share this common state, demarcated by zig zag borders. By intricate design and wondrous intent, our world is destined to change. Every single micro-moment. It expresses itself anew. Fluid, not stagnant. Tension rises and falls as we lean into and out of our status quo. Our normals rise up and say we are new, this morning. Every morning, like Mercy....

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The Bitter and the Sweet

Sometimes reconciliation looks like sitting together around collapsible plastic tables in the fellowship hall of a funeral parlor. After the church hymns. After memories of light-as-a-feather yeast rolls and family dinners are shared at the microphone. After the grave site visit under a parched summer sky that makes me want to melt. After all that, we go back for the luncheon. And I talk to my cousins for the first...

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Reconciling With Time Means Reconciling With Myself

“When, when, Peace, will you, Peace? I’ll not play hypocrite To own my heart: I yield you do come sometimes; but That piecemeal peace is poor peace.” -Gerard Manley Hopkins Sometimes reconciliation is hardest in your own heart, with your own mysterious self. We are fickle toward each other, and therefore fickle toward ourselves. And, as Hopkins says, “piecemeal peace is poor peace.” This has been a season of forced...

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Count Mercy

After a quick trip to Target for a handful of items, Thad met us at the door just like he always does and I caught the whiff of something I recognized as familiar but not exactly home. I searched his face from the edge of the front porch, trying to read what I already knew. We had a guest. With bags in tow, the girls and I crossed the threshold...

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A Lifetime of Reconciliation

My luggage slammed into a row of seats as I tried to dash down the aisle and remove myself from the plane as quickly as possible. I had spent a week in Bolivia eating meals in the dirt, next to trash heaps, in a land scorched with drought and the threats of hopelessness. I broke bread and chiseled away at doubt. I tumbled out of the airport and started taking...

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Hospitality of Reconciliation

''You are about to be ordained into a church that thrives on its English and colonial past,'' he said, ''a church which historically has sought to make its black congregations and churches invisible either by not admitting them to the councils or by trying to model them on the basis of English piety and English preaching.'' - Dr. Hood, prof. General theological Seminary Ouch.  Recited at the ordination ceremony of...

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Reconciled to God. Tattooed with Hope.

This is the story of my first tattoo. It's a story of sin (mine) and forgiveness (God's) and betrayal (mine) and unending faithfulness (God's).  Maybe you can relate? I've been reconciled to God. Our relationship once severed by sin, is now restored by faith in Jesus Christ. And it's not by anything I've done, but because He chased after me with an unrelenting, perfect love. Oh, man. On my best days...

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What Forgiveness Tastes Like

Family gatherings around life events are often joyous, emotional occasions. Wedding preparations take the cake when it comes to lots of Big Feelings. Mix the mother of the groom, the father of the bride, siblings, relatives—shirt-tail or otherwise—and there is sure to be no shortage of rough edges on the Big Day. Everyone involved has an investment in the couples’ happiness. Or at least an opinion,(“They paid HOW much for...

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