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Love and Adore

Lord, I am not high-minded; I have no proud looks. I do not exercise myself in great matters which are too high for me. But I refrain my soul, and keep it low, like as a child that is weaned from his mother; yea, my soul is even as a weaned child. O Israel, trust in the Lord from this time forth forevermore. —Psalm 131   I love this psalm....

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Finding Hope in an Unlikely Place

I started running around the neighborhood to train for my marathon back in November. Over the months I watched Christmas lights get strung up on homes and trees. I noticed as the neighbors dutifully took them down come January, though I still see some hanging lifeless and dull. I smelled the delicious scent of burning wood in the evenings and the welcoming aroma of spicy fish stew one morning. When...

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Learning to Live the Interruptions

In the last few weeks my heart has taken to skipping beats again. The lub dub lub dub that pounds faithfully hour after hour now has a new rhythm. Like a jump start, a thick thud lands in my chest, sometimes making me cough like someone has thumped their first against my sternum. I had tests done a couple years ago when this first started happening. Blood work, EKG’s and...

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The Crooked Path Towards Faith

In December 2006, I jumped into the River Cherwell, a river in Oxford, England, that crosses University Parks on the north side of town. It was the end of our study abroad semester and a few friends and I had the wild idea to jump off a low bridge into the water on one of our last days of class. We were twenty years old and had survived a semester...

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Feast + Fallow

Few things bring me sweeter joy than driving from Cincinnati, Ohio to Bargersville, Indiana in the middle of summer after a long day of work. As I leave the Queen City in the passenger seat of Mike’s rattling black Mustang from the mid-2000s, I watch the hills flatten into fields. Rows of corn and soybeans end at the horizon, dotted with homesteads and barns (some of which date back to...

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Making Peace With the Girl You Don’t Like

The year I turned five was the year I learned how to ride a bicycle all on my own. It was also the same time I learned how to hide parts of myself to be the girl people liked. I got pretty good at both of these things as the years wore on. A dirt-kneed and free-spirited child, my hair was forever a wild pile of unkempt hay. While I...

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When You Run on Empty

“No thanks, I got this.” Like a child learning to do things independently, I often push aside the ways of God in preference for my own. Though I may not say these words directly, my actions convey the thought in principle. I want to do it all. I tend to want God’s help only when I want and in the way I want it. Every time I run head long into...

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