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Dinnertime Discussions at Our Lifegiving Table

“Here’s what I think . . .”
It was a night just like any other, which is to say it was another evening of rousing discussion. Soup spoons suspended in midair, quizzical brows, the thumping of a printed-out article on the table. The article in question had been the source of that evening’s discussion. I can’t recall the exact topic of debate, but it likely had something to do with a...

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Come & Eat: A Celebration Of Love And Grace Around The Everyday Table

I first connected with Bri McKoy on twitter several years ago. Bri's work with Compassion International connected us, as I was an advocate, and participant in the Compassion Bloggers program. Eventually, God opened the door for me to travel along with Bri and two other bloggers, to write for Compassion on a Sponsor tour. It was in one of the many terminals at Miami International airport where Bri and I...

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The Crooked Path Towards Faith

In December 2006, I jumped into the River Cherwell, a river in Oxford, England, that crosses University Parks on the north side of town. It was the end of our study abroad semester and a few friends and I had the wild idea to jump off a low bridge into the water on one of our last days of class. We were twenty years old and had survived a semester...

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All It Takes, The Heart of Hospitality

The heart of the gospel is rooted in hospitality; and at the core, both the heart of the gospel and hospitality are simple. They both invite the weary, the messy, the brokenhearted, the questioning to come and find rest. They both welcome the stranger and offer refuge for our souls.  ~ Jen Schmidt, Craving Connections It's late in the afternoon when I finally find a quiet pocket of time to...

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Biscuits, Eggs, and Becoming Family

White walls and a 80s multicolored afghan were all that greeted me in my new bedroom offered to me by virtual strangers. It had been two months since my parents had kicked me out of their home, leaving me stranded with nothing but a bunch of trash bags filled with my childhood stuffed animals and the fifty dollar check I had gotten from my job I worked at once a...

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Tasting Grace in The Kitchen

In the kitchen. So much of life happens there. We celebrate the good times and mourn the sorrowful times over plates laden with food. Homework papers are returned to the classroom, randomly decorated by ketchup splatters. Friendships and romances happen over coffee and dessert. The kitchen is always the heartbeat of any home-based gathering, even when there is generous conversation space in the living room or the deck outside. I...

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2nd Annual Summer Reading Book Club {And A Giveaway}

Last Sunday I dragged a lawn chair outside onto the blacktop driveway with the intention of soaking up the afternoon warmth. Rubbing sunscreen between my palms, I smeared it across my nose and cheeks, cupping it beneath my chin and down my neck. I tipped my head back and squinted up at the blue sky through my smeary sunglasses.  On days like this, I feel sure life is a fountain. ~Christie Purifoy I...

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The Lifegiving Home {A Giveaway}

What makes a home is the life shared there, wherever that may be. And cultivating the life of home requires intentionality, planning and design. The Lifegiving Home, Sally & Sarah Clarkson My daughter had been asking me for days to help her make cinnamon bread from scratch. Actually, it wasn't entirely her idea. The whole idea came about because when she asked me to buy the pre-made cinnamon bread that...

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Metaphors and Magnolias

I am an artist, not so much by trade or training, but mostly by way of how I see the world. I think in color and process through pictures. I know we’re not all wired this way. Thank the Lord for the list-makers and the thinkers and the logic-loving linear people of this world. But as for me, I long to live my life lingering always in certain metaphors: the...

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Roots And Sky: Finding Home

We are born hungry. Hunger is the language of our infancy. Even adolescence can be summed up as a period of growing restlessness. But it takes years, a lifetime perhaps, to understand what we truly hunger for. To know the precise dimensions of that which will satisfy us. (Christie Purifoy, Roots & Sky) In the recent days, for a number of reasons, I've been thinking about hunger--holy hunger and how...

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