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A mother’s love, some chocolate, and why you shouldn’t wait to say “I love you”

I learned a lot from my mother, as I assume most people who are blessed with good moms do. And there is something to the phrase "a mother's love" though I can't explain it.  In August 2015, my younger sister and I had flown from opposite coasts to spend some time with Mom in Arkansas. Our scheduled visit ended up being spent at the hospital and things were not looking...

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Wild Yeast

The Saturday after Thanksgiving found me seated at the dining room table, Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Bread Bible open before me. Little pieces of paper marked my place in about a half dozen pages. As I flipped back and forth between those pages, I scrawled numbers and math problems across a sheet of printer paper. The week before, my best friend had visited from Iowa. She’s a theology professor with...

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The Making of the Bread

As I type these words, sourdough bread is rising in the kitchen. My husband and I have been making our own bread for 12 years. In the spring we decided we were ready to try a new challenge: sourdough. So we ordered a starter from King Arthur—because theirs was started in 1789, the year the American Constitution was signed, and I am geeky enough to think it’s super cool that...

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Simple Blackberry Galette

I have declared this summer to be the summer of galettes, crisps, and cobblers. I also decided it was the summer of s'mores, in the form of milkshakes and brownies. I just can't get enough of marshmallows and fresh fruit. On my food blog a few weeks ago, I shared a recipe for blueberry cobbler and there was also a brief spell in June where I was making Shauna Neiquest's blueberry crisp every Saturday...

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