Wendy Kessler
Wendy Kessler
Wendy is the happy wife of her college sweetheart, and the mom of three amazing sons. Her greatest joy is nourishing family and friends around her table through good food and authentic conversation. She is a Christian discipler of numerous young adults in her neighborhood, who are invited to share life and weekly dinners with her family - at a table that is signed by every guest. A testimony to the meaningful connections that are created over meals served daily. Wendy also hosts a blog about nourishing community at the table (www.wendykessler.com), and writes and speaks on related topics.
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The Sacred Work of Hospitality

Ryan walked into our bedroom and found me laying on our bed, staring at the ceiling. The melancholy in the room was palpable. I was lamenting. "I think we've made a huge mistake," I moaned, "I don't think remodeling our kitchen is pleasing to God." My husband - blindsided by the sudden change in my attitude about our current project - cautiously replied, "What are you talking about?" I rambled,...

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