Wendy Speake-Brunner
As a trained Actress and heartfelt Bible Teacher, Wendy ministers to Women’s hearts through storytelling and Biblical life applications. She utilizes drama, comedy, poetry, and the study of God’s Word. During her career in Hollywood, on shows such as JAG, Melrose Place, Star Trek Voyager, and Roswell, Wendy found herself longing to tell stories that edify and encourage women! Today she writes and performs short stories and dramatic monologues that move audiences closer to Jesus. Follow along at wendyspeake.com. Or on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WendyJSpeake ) And keep an eye open for her debut book, co-authored with Kelli Stuart and published by Kregel Publishing House – set to hit bookstores in the fall of 2016
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Dear Mom, There’s Room At This Table For You

I see you at the park, with your camera slung around your neck, capturing the art of motherhood, one frame at a time. The Christmas card you sent in December was skillfully designed, and the invitation for your child’s birthday party was handmade too - the cupcakes… confectionary works of art. At Bible Study last Tuesday, I looked over and saw your beautiful doodle doodles in the margins of your...

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The Tablecloth

The white steeple rose high from the brick and mortar church on the corner. Deep within the sanctuary Grandfather preached, Grandma sat in the front row with her red hair curled up tight, and Mother played the small piano. Small town USA, beneath the gentle rising - falling cadence of a preacher's voice. Somewhere in the middle of a middle pew sat a widow, old and frail, faithfully tuning her...

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