Tonya Salomons
Tonya Salomons
Tonya is the wife of 24 years to one good man and the mother to Mikayla and Dylan. She is learning that even though her and husband are entering their "empty nest" years the beautiful task of mothering is never ending. Tonya loves Jesus and hunts daily for the gifts of His grace. She writes over at Stone to Heart in hopes of having others recognize the beauty of their own story despite life's circumstances. Tonya and her family along with their two cats and one dog make their home in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.
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Expectant Hope

I've waited all spring for them. However, my aunt told me about migration charts and how I prepared too late for their arrival. "Late April, early May," she said. My heart sank. There's just something about hummingbirds that remind me about joy. Maybe it's the way they bring with them the warmth of summer after the bitter cold of winter. Perhaps it's how, despite the incessant fluttering of their wings,...

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Rest – The Bravest Form of Hospitality

I messed up last week. I was sitting in my Research Methods class trying to understand terminology that makes my head hurt. I had been at school since eight thirty that morning and it was pushing 7:00 p.m. I was fighting my second bout of an irritating cough, the first having felled me on Christmas Day.  I. So. Don't. Have. Time. for more sickness. I felt ragged, like someone had wrung...

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When Love Looks A Lot Like $2

I stepped off the bus at the corner of Dundas and Richmond. A crowd of people pressed close as commuters scurried to catch their transfer, I was no exception.  The air was cold. The kind of cold that makes you imagine there are tiny icicles in your nose. The thermometer read -24 Celsius. I shrugged my shoulders up to my ears and buried my nose into the neck of my coat.  My...

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