Shannon Evans
I'm a wife and mom of two boys through adoption and the good old fashioned way (plus a third bun in the oven). Motherhood has chewed me up and spit me out, but I like the world a whole lot more than I did before I took the gnawing, so I write about it. I'm an ecumenical-minded Catholic convert who was surprised to find Christ continuing to save me long after I "got saved", so I write about Him. I seek to live my life on purpose, so I write about social issues and conscientious spending. I like tattoos, I like sunshine, I like thrifting. I'm a regular contributor at Blessed Is She and I Believe in Love. My writing has also been featured at Relevant Magazine's website and Dayspring's (in)Courage. I am particularly inclined to blabbing about the universality of the human condition and the impact of the Incarnation upon it.
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Celebrate Belonging

I was twelve years old, stomach full of pie and knees to my chest, wedged between my sister and brother in the order we came out of the womb.  The lights on the tree were twinkling- the multi colored kind that my mama always protested were tacky but my daddy still strung every year.  When it comes to children and Christmas decorations, the one gets giddier as the other gets...

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