Rachel Britz
Rachel Britz
RACHEL BRITZ is a compassionate friend, storyteller, and advocate for those in seasons of grief, loss, and transition. She is a faith and inspiration blogger, World Vision ambassador, and cookie baker. She is the author of “Good-Bye, Lover” a Christian historical novel based in Ireland. Rachel is passionate about helping Christians live life with freedom and purpose. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and three kids. www.rachelbritz.com
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The Joy Of Cookies

It was early 2003 when the idea came to me. My son was a tiny seed growing in my womb. Sitting in the living room of our rented farmhouse, curled up in my grandmother's old chair, the one she handed down to me, I considered my future: the one in the workplace. “What should I do, Lord?” I prayed. I loved my career in property management. But with the anticipation...

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