Osheta Moore
Osheta Moore
Osheta Moore is a Los Angeles writer and podcaster, as well as wife to an urban pastor, mother of three, and economic justice advocate for women in developing countries. Moore has consistently been a voice for peacemaking, justice, and racial reconciliation. Her work has been featured on numerous websites and blogs, including Sojourners, SheLoves Magazine, A Deeper Story, The Art of Simple, ReKnew, and Rachel Held Evans’s blog. Connect with her at Osheta.com and ShalomInTheCity.com.
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“Lord, Calm This S-Storm” and Other Dangerous Prayers

Dr. Brene Brown once said, “I can confidently say that stories of pain and courage almost always include two things: praying and cussing. Sometimes, at the exact same time.” This is the season I find myself right now. Praying and cussing. This is not new for me, I’ve called myself a “salty prayer warrior” many-a times. Jesus knows I’m prone to call current pains BS at the same time I’m...

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