Natasha Metzler
Natasha Metzler is a farmer's wife and adoptive mama from Upstate New York. She blogs at and can be found on Instagram. Her newest book, Counting Grains of Sand: Learning to Delight in a Promise-Making God releases in January 2017. Infertility, hope, adoption, and loss all collide in this gentle story of how God built a family from splintered pieces and taught one woman how to hold onto faith and learn to delight in a God-Who-Speaks-Promises even while journeying through the wilderness of sorrow.
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The Table Of Suffering

She lost her baby that fall. It was early in the pregnancy, but there had already been celebrations and joy at the positive test. Then there was blood and aching and sorrows that sliced them open. Our baby came two months later, the little girl we were planning to adopt. And it was too early. Way too early. I sat in a NICU holding her impossibly small hand and praying...

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