Micha Boyett
Micha (pronounced "MY-cah") Boyett is the author of Found: A Story Questions, Grace, and Everyday Prayer. She's passionate about monasticism and ancient Christian spiritual practices and how they inform the contemporary life of faith. She writes about prayer, motherhood, and her new journey with Down syndrome at michaboyett.com. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook, and Instagram.
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Reconciling With Time Means Reconciling With Myself

“When, when, Peace, will you, Peace? I’ll not play hypocrite To own my heart: I yield you do come sometimes; but That piecemeal peace is poor peace.” -Gerard Manley Hopkins Sometimes reconciliation is hardest in your own heart, with your own mysterious self. We are fickle toward each other, and therefore fickle toward ourselves. And, as Hopkins says, “piecemeal peace is poor peace.” This has been a season of forced...

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Hospitality and the Secret Power of Weakness

When we told his older brothers that our baby had been born with Down syndrome, we explained that Ace would be more flexible than any one else in our family. Flexibility is the flip side of low muscle tone, you see. His ability to fall into the splits or fold himself in half in order to skooch under a table is remarkable. Ace is fifteen months old and is the...

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On Feeding Imperfectly: Hard-earned Hospitality And Motherhood

The Friday before Mother’s Day my second grader came home with a “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mom” note in his hand, one he couldn’t wait until Sunday to give me. This was one of those fill-in-the-blank, extra generic worksheets with cartoon illustrated smiling kids at the top, one of those pages of homework that will go into his bin of saved second-grade pictures and stories, one that...

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On the Glory of the Clementine, and Noticing

When I peeled back the tiny clementine mandarin, bright orange soft skin closed around the fruit, I should have considered the beauty of its opening. My capable thumb’s nail pressed through the outer layer. How I moved through the movement of pinching and separating the protective cover from the goodness within, quick strips pulled clean, set in a pile on the counter. How wondrous it is that however many years...

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This Is How We Love Each Other

This is how we love each other. There should always be homemade Chex mix on the counter, in a twenty year old Tupperware dish. Also, there should be my 94-year-old grandmother Deenie’s peanut patties (dyed red with food coloring, made with corn syrup) available to all. Speaking of red food coloring, I have to mention Mom’s chocolate chip meringue cookies. (Sometimes they’re also dyed green.) The night before Christmas Eve...

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On Friendship and God’s Bounty

“[The] dinner party is a true proclamation of the abundance of being–a rebuke to the thrifty little idolatries by which we lose sight of the lavish hand that made us.” -Robert Farrar Capon It’s been five years since we moved three thousand miles from the western suburbs of Philadelphia to San Francisco. My husband’s company needed him to help launch a new product: We’d be transferred to California for two...

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