Maeve Gerboth
Maeve Gerboth
Maeve is a writer, kitchen dweller, and people gatherer. She believes in building a longer table and making room for one more. Sometimes that table involves homemade soup & crusty bread and other times store-bought pizza. Food adds to the story, it isn't all of the story. Most often you'll find her in the kitchen (because she loves to eat) or on her porch (because she loves people). She believes the art of neighboring, living and loving right where you are, could actually change the world. Her heart is prone to wander, hopping from job and place, though lately she's learned the joy in abiding, keeping close to the vine, and of staying. As a contributing writer for Verity Varee, she is passionate about the art of storytelling and celebrating true beauty. Maeve shares more about hospitality and recipes she loves over on her blog and instagram. She can't wait to meet you!
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On Restlessness, Discontent, and Finding Eden

In the beginning there was the garden. I imagine fig trees, berry bushes, and hummingbirds. Water flows between glistening rocks painted different shades of blue and grey. The water is clean and safe to drink straight from the river out of the palm of my hand. The smell of honeysuckles and crisp mountain air feels minty in my mouth. My bare feet press against soft grass, and a butterfly lands...

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