Leah Adams
Speaker, author, wife, mom, and lover of Jesus. Leah’s heart is to share the love and grace of Jesus with a world so desperately in need of Him. She is the author of two Bible studies, From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy and HeBrews: A Better Blend, as well as one devotion book, When Words Won’t Come. She lives in northern Georgia, and blogs at www.leahadams.org. She can be found on Facebook (Leah Adams – The Point Ministries) and Twitter (@PointMinistries).
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Tasting Grace in The Kitchen

In the kitchen. So much of life happens there. We celebrate the good times and mourn the sorrowful times over plates laden with food. Homework papers are returned to the classroom, randomly decorated by ketchup splatters. Friendships and romances happen over coffee and dessert. The kitchen is always the heartbeat of any home-based gathering, even when there is generous conversation space in the living room or the deck outside. I...

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Feed Them Well

I am a Southern woman, with a Southern Mother, Grandmother, and Greats as far back as the family tree extends. The thing about Southern women is that we feed our people…and we feed them well. Food is how we do hospitality. It is also how the Lord gave me a heart for young adults. In 2011, my friend, Sandi, phoned me one day asking if I would mind helping provide...

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