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Laura Roman is a daughter of Christ, wife to Ellie, and mom to Ellie Rae. She can most often be found in the kitchen, as cooking and baking are her favorite ways to express happiness and show love to those around her. You can find more of her recipes and adventures around the table at her blog,
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Simple Blackberry Galette

I have declared this summer to be the summer of galettes, crisps, and cobblers. I also decided it was the summer of s'mores, in the form of milkshakes and brownies. I just can't get enough of marshmallows and fresh fruit. On my food blog a few weeks ago, I shared a recipe for blueberry cobbler and there was also a brief spell in June where I was making Shauna Neiquest's blueberry crisp every Saturday...

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Panzanella Salad

  When Kris announced that "Roots and Sky", written by Christie Purifoy, would be this year's book for our Summer Reading Book Club, I was thrilled. Having read the book, I can speak to the way Christie opens her heart and home to the reader, how you can picture Maplehurst, and see the rooms and the grounds. It is a beautiful book, one that deserves to be savored. I asked...

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Sweet Onion Marmalade

[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="2905,2908"] I am excited to share today's recipe for Sweet Onion Marmalade. This savory marmalade is a great way to highlight sweet onions, which are in their prime during Springtime. When I am in the kitchen, I naturally gravitate towards baking, and I sometimes have to remind myself to see beyond flour, sugar, and butter. This onion marmalade immediately caught my attention, though; it proved itself to be...

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Strawberry Meringue Kisses

Long, long ago (actually, it will be two years this March since I quit and become a stay-at-home-mom; best career change ever) I worked at Publix in the bakery. Every holiday brought it's own set of challenges. Thanksgiving will forever be associated in my mind with hundreds of pumpkin and sweet potato pies and Christmas is now welcomed with relief knowing I don't have to make any red and green...

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Triple Ginger Cake

Last December, we invited my parents, in-laws, and my brother and his family over for an early Christmas get-together. Despite the fact that our table is not large enough to seat everyone, coupled with the startling realization that I did not own a ladle in order to serve my soup, and the only Christmas decor we have is a 4-feet tall, bright pink Christmas tree, it was so wonderful to gather everyone together. I...

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Fall Vegetable Tart

Flying in the face of well-intentioned advice to be fully present and in the moment, I confess that I spent all summer thinking up meals for our fall dinners. This was made even worse a couple months ago, when I was cleaning out a junk drawer and stumbled upon a meal plan from last fall, boasting of chilis and pot pies and baked pasta. I have never experienced such severe...

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