Kendall Vanderslice
Kendall Vanderslice
Kendall is a baker and writer based in the Boston area. Her best writing comes to mind when she has dough between her fingers. She’ll scribble down her favorite lines on sheets of parchment dusted with flour to be worked through once sitting at the keyboard. Bread derives its strength in the balance of tenderness and tension – formed by the firm hands a gentle but steady baker. Kendall is slowly, beautifully, painfully, eagerly discovering what this looks like translated into the life of faith. She writes on the intersection of food, faith, and culture at Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @kvslice.
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Always a Baker, Never a Bride

I’ve named 2017 ‘the year of weddings.’ I’m told that everyone has seasons like this, but it’s a first for me. Over the span of six weeks, four of the most influential women in my life are getting married, each in a different state from New England across to Southern California. I’m maid of honor, cake baker, chalice bearer, and candy maker. But as a single woman who has never...

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