Justin Bowers
Justin serves as the Lead Pastor of New Community Church in Buckhannon, WV. He and his wife Carrie--an avid photographer and Kindergarten teacher--moved back to their hometown in 2012 to plant the church. With their three daughters, they spend a great deal of time living life in the mountains, playing Barbies, and dreaming big dreams. Justin is currently a PhD student studying Organizational Leadership at Regent University. He seeks to reveal the favor and delight of God the Father to all those with whom he has the opportunity to interact.
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Shadows and Sunlight :: Receiving Hospitality from Brokenness

Years ago while I was in college, my wife (then fiance) and I took a trip two hours south of our own campus to a large, state university where a good friend of ours was a student. We had known her for years and watched from a distance in recent years as this friend descended into a typical, party-going existence in college. Her parents divorced; she drank and did drugs;...

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Hospitality that Grieves

In 2014, my family lost two figures who had cast a legacy over our entire lineage for more than 80 years.  With their hands they had built into us the picture of commitment and love that I will never forget.  My grandparents--my mother's parents--both passed away during 2014. Now, here I stand in January of 2015, facing a new year, and I see around me the lingering effects of their...

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3 Reasons Why Charcoal is Better than Gas (and the Long Hard Work of Transformation)

  As a wedding gift, my in-laws bought my wife and me a propane gas grill. I had heard of charcoal, but because I now owned a propane grill and a marriage license, I assumed the two vessels of outdoor cooking were basically the same. What a sad and naive little man I was. A couple years later, at a good friend's house, I watched (for the first time) the process...

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